Three Ridges Hike

So, last Saturday, an old friend and I went on a little road trip to the Three Ridges Mountain in Virginia. As we drove down Interstate 64, I was sitting in the driver’s seat. But the wheel wasn’t in front of me. I peered up at the mountain as the engine roared through the fog. Marissa and I sang along to Chromatica by Lady Gaga as we chugged along, just after 6AM.

Marissa took this picture (above) of me with my new walking stick!

cool rock formation from the ascent
view of fog under mountains from ascent

We began the hike at 7AM, and hiked until 9:45AM. All in all, we hiked 3.83 miles, stopping for breath of course- we aren’t good at this yet. But we plan to go each week, and challenge ourselves more by never going to the same trail twice.

When I got home, I immediately began the frantic search for hiking boots. Amazon, Zappos, etc. I looked for an hour or two, and had a few options in my cart. I wanted shoes that would support against ankle rolls and keep my feet dry, as I plan to hike increasingly difficult terrain in the coming months/years. Eventually, I saw some that just felt right. Keen. I can’t wait to log miles in these and take them to places I’ve never been before. They’ll be here tomorrow, supposedly. Until my next hike…

what i listened to on the hike

luna, lost